The "X! Marks the Spot" palette is first ever sparkle dust and crystal kit. This palette contains gorgeous holographic sparkle dust and a mix of different sized and colored crystal rhinestones. This multi-use palette is perfect for makeup, body art, nails and even crafts. 

Other cosmetic glitter products on the market are $6+ each for 2.5g of glitter. This palette has the same amount of glitter but at $3 each. That's half the price of competitors! Rhinestones on the other hand cost much more than glitter. You normally pay $5+ for 15-28 glass rhinestones. You get over 300 rhinestones at $6 in this palette. This is a fraction of what you'd pay in a retail store or beauty supply.  You're getting a $170+ retail value for only $65. Better quality and the same amount for less! 

     Captain Adelaide "Glam" Voss was the envy of pirates everywhere. She had the biggest fleet with 12 ships and over a thousand men in her crew! She traveled far and wide collecting many treasures. Some that she fought valiantly to obtain. This treasure was found at "Siren's Cove". The inhabitants were gorgeous creatures with voices so angelical they could put any man into a trance. And this is what happened to Captain Adelaide's crew. She was trapped on this island for 54 days before she finally escaped! but not without the greatest treasure of all! It was full of the finest gold and silver! The jewels and stones were the rarest that have ever been found. To protect this treasure, she buried it on a tiny island in the middle of the sea. She and her crew were the only ones that knew how to find it.




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